General Description


The GiSHEO project aims to establish and develop a reliable resource for knowledge and associated tools related to higher education and professional training, based on existing information distributed regarding Earth observation and Grid technology. This aims to enable a greater exploitation of ESA’s database information potential and education and training-focused synergies in the field of Earth observation.

Project Objectives

The specifical technical objectives of the project are:

  • The establishment of a GRID Virtual Organization with the primary objective of providing comprehensive support for education, dissemination of data and knowledge pertaining to Earth Observation and associated undertakings. This initiative places a distinct emphasis on enhancing the utilization of datasets sourced from the European Space Agencies.
  • The creation of tailored, on-demand instruments designed for educational purposes, utilizing Earth Observation data.
  • Integration and alignment with other ongoing projects within the European Space Agency, which share the common goal of furnishing on-demand services for the processing of Earth Observation data, is being pursued.
  • Enabling streamlined access for the scientific community in Romania to ESA data and processing services is being facilitated.

Project Partners

UVT Project Members

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Geography

  • Marcel Torok

Faculty of Letters, History and Theology

  • Dorel Micle

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