The team composed of SAGE group members Teodora Selea and Alexandru Munteanu obtained the “ECMWF Copernicus Award” in the FOSS4G EO Data Challenge.

The winning project, LeafS, aims to facilitate responsible forest management by offering the underlying technical support for forestry classification, segmentation and change detection. LeafS takes advantage of the latest Deep Learning techniques for providing accurate and timely predictions. LeafS takes advantage of Hugin, our machine learning tool for earth observation, and integrates various geospatial tools like GeoServer, PostGIS and OpenLayers.

FOSS4G 2029 Winner Picture

LeafS offers Deep Learning models for prediction and a specialized web application for visualizing predictions and obtaining various statistics required by potential stakeholders.

See the following presentation by Teodora Selea for a more detailed description of the project and possible future evolutions.